The Power of a Moment: Creating Art You Love

Wholly consumed by creation, I focused solely on colors and movement.

Last week, I experienced euphoria when creating. The euphoria blinded me to problems, fears, and doubts but emphasized movement and construction. My thoughts were minimal. A thought would run through my head of what to add to the image next, a single thought. Then my hands would respond and my mind returned to silence. My hands powered through the background, layering color after color. I had no idea what the image would turn into. I didn’t know what the image was till I finished and stared at it for awhile.

power of a moment

This creative euphoria that enfolds me during work is rare. I maybe feel it four to five times a year. And I can’t remember a time it has taken me from start to finish on a piece. The image I created during this time is above, and I am enthralled by this piece. How pleasurable it feels to adore and love my work. I love myself for creating the image and further I inspired my self. Three things I have taken note during this period of creation.

  1. I disregarded the value of paper. During Euphoria Creation, I flipped the page after a drawing I didn’t like, and began again. Three drawings helped me build up to this fourth drawing.
  2. The first three drawings prepared and relaxed my mind and head. They stretched before the race, warmed up before the game. By giving that time to my mind and hands to loosen up, my hands took over for this piece with my mind involved only when necessary. They were prepared and in control for the euphoria event to occur.
  3. I was listening to Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book for the first time, music which enters my body, music I feel. As a result, I felt my drawing. Something spiritual was involved in the creation of this piece.

The accumulation of these three aspects put me in a trance of creation. Proving to me the power of a moment. Since this episode, a stupid, happy stupor came over me. I’m just going to rest in these proud feelings for as long as I can. I love making my art; this keeps me creating.


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