Critique of Past Work which I Hate Now.

I would never want to do this alone.”

At first, this piece was a huge turning point in my creations. It was the first time I did a pastel piece in any considerable size. From that point, I began to explore larger, more complex pastel pieces which led me to create some of my favorite masterpieces to date.

If you look at it, there are figures in the middle which are surrounded by a warm glow that the dark figures are trying to infiltrate. The purple energy tries to attack the yellow energy. The group of figures protect each other from the darkness, the evil.

A nice concept on the surface—we work together to keep the evil away.

Now, I hate this piece. I find it terribly ugly plus the theory is even uglier. Why is dark evil? Why is black bad? Why am I protecting myself from darkness? Doesn’t darkness exists in all of us and we must embrace it to become whole people? To be complete and fully enlightened?

Furthermore, in light of injustices black populations face in America today, I hate how my painting is perpetuating the stupid dichotomy between dark and light, evil and good. #blacklivesmatter


2 thoughts on “Critique of Past Work which I Hate Now.

    1. I just don’t like the concept of protecting ourselves from darkness. The psychology behind the art bothers me not the art itself 🙂

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