hey world, it’s me, casandra

Here on Earth for a couple of decades now, and have been figuring out how to live joyfully and healthy.

My life really began when I fell in love. Passion overcame me, colors brightened, and all of a sudden the world was different. In 2011, I began drawing and doodling everyday. Now, I have written, drawn and published a picture book which holds cargo ships of my soul and love.

In order to support myself and the production of the book, I have been working as a teacher for the last couple of years. To fulfill my desire to travel, I left California soon after I graduated college. I moved to China and taught English to children aged anywhere from 3-18 years old. Teaching English as a Second Language taught me how to engage students in their learning. When I wasn’t teaching, I was in my little apartment, spending hours and hours making The Sun Dance. Getting through the obstacles of editing, printing, and fears, I ordered 1,000 copies of The Sun Dance.

Thus my journey of marketing and distribution began. I felt quite accomplished at this point, and felt I could leave China with my goal of publishing a book now complete. Off I went to my home in California where I quickly found work at a Montessori Preschool teaching art and gardening. Oh, and it was just wonderful being able to take children outside to do art, learn about plants, and tend to our vegetables. I soaked up the Montessori philosophy. Maria Montessori established an incredible legacy in guiding focused, graceful and courteous behaviors in children. Now, I am much more able to nurture others to be the best humans they can be. Throughout my time working with the 3-6 year olds, I was planning a book tour for the summer of 2015.

The book tour has come and gone. Much can be read about the whereabouts and the happenings on the #soulsonaroad page. For now, I am based in Greenville, SC where I continue to learn about how we develop as children and the Montessori Method at Greenville Montessori Institute.


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